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Technical planning and development

Starting from a sketch, a functional description or a design, our technicians, engineers and product designers plan your initiative in 3D. To do this we use Solid Edge in 2D and 3D. The planning and production of individual presentation units, interiors and exteriors is all in a day’s work for our staff. We also develop demonstrators and interactive exhibits for a variety of different customers.

Prototype construction

As part of the development process for many products, it is essential to create an ergonomic model, a functional model or prototypes. We produce your prototypes or mock-ups from a wide variety of materials and in a range of finishes.


At present, our joinery and metalwork facilities extend over two halls with a production area of over 2000 sq.m. In addition to metalworkers and carpenters, we also have specialists in electrical engineering, media technology, mechanics, glazing and varnishing.

Assembly and commissioning

Product assembly is carried out exclusively by skilled specialists with years of experience in assembly work and in working with a variety of materials. Commissioning of technical systems, such as media technology, advertising technology or interactive stations is undertaken by trained specialist staff.

Servicing and maintenance

We look after a wide range of exhibition projects on a six-monthly or annual cycle, right across Germany and our tailor-made service packages ensure that they run smoothly. Any problems that may arise are resolved within 72 hours.