Over the last quarter of a century, SEIWO Technik GmbH has completed well over 350 museum and exhibition projects across Germany and beyond. These exhibitions have covered everything from culture, history, technology, science and archaeology to aspects of local history. In addition to a range of permanent and alternating exhibitions, we have also created travelling exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. Such projects have highly specific requirements in terms of curatorship, historic preservation, security and fire safety, in relation to which we draw on our employees’ wealth of expertise.

There are virtually no limits on the materials that can be used, either. From metal, plastic and wood-based materials to glass and mineral materials through to fibreglass laminates, our team of master craftsmen and specialists process a wide variety of materials.

Picture credit

Energie-Erlebniszentrum Aurich: Mirko Neubert, Seiwo Technik
Besucherzentrum Arche Nebra: Holzer + Kobler Architekturen / Jan Bitter / Karsten Wabst, Seiwo Technik
ZF Sachs Ausstellung: Reinhard Meerwein, tecton Berlin GmbH
Luthers Elternhaus: complizen Halle
Müritzeum Waren: Müritzeum / Seiwo Technik
Paläon: Holzer + Kobler Architekturen
Porschemuseum, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen: Eichler Werkstätten / Karsten Wabst, Seiwo Technik
Silberrausch und Berggeschrey:
Westfälische Salzwelten: Westfälische Salzwelten