Stuttgart State Museum

“Real Treasures” permanent exhibition
The new permanent “Real Treasures” exhibition extends across an area of over 1000 sq.m. in the Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart Old Castle. Visitors can see important finds from the early Celtic period, including the grave of the Celtic prince of Hochdorf.

Implementation period: October 2015 to April 2016

svk szenographie Valentine Koppenhöfer

Our services:

  • 3D work planning, production and assembly of exhibition walls, furniture and display cabinets for an exhibition area of over 1,000 sq.m.
  • Large-scale, wall-mounted, plinth, table and hood display cabinets, all with increased security, passive and active air-conditioning
  • Heavyweight pedestals and plinths
  • Studiolo room-in-room installation and Sieglin circular room

Materials used:

  • MDF B1 E1, water-based varnishes
  • Solid wood profiles
  • Composite curved mouldings
  • Stove-enamelled aluminium and steel sheets and profiles
  • Laminated safety glass of various strengths, both sides anti-reflective
  • Travertine
  • Gas pressure aperture
  • Seiwo HH heavy hinge heavyweight hinges

Fotos: Hendrik Zwietasch, Landesmuseum WĂĽrttemberg